All wood used for our workbenches is solid beech from the Austrian Alps.

The wood is chamber dried and the surface is oiled, with great care. Besides our renowned workbenches we also produce handcrafted solid wood chairs and tables.

The beech is known as the sylvan mother. Foresters named this robust, firm and massive material this way. There are several reasons, why this tree is so importand: the leaves are like a panacea for a bleak landscape. The beech is responsible for the good humus formation and founds deep and nutrient-rich grounds. The enormous roots reach deep into the earth and protect other trees from the force of storms.

On hot days beeches evaporate enormous amounts of water (up to 200 liters per day and per tree) and as a result they can change the climate of a whole wood. The combination of firs and beeches in one wood can protect from bark beetles and other pests.

The beech can be well combined with other trees, not only in the wood; the beech is in harmony with other wooden furniture also in the living room! It is not optimal for the beech if little boughs and other impurities get sort out very fussy.

The beech is one of the firmest and toughest woods, by being not very water resistant the beech is ideal for indoor products (furniture, floors, objects in all possible variations, from the broomstick, to the knife handle to the work bench).

Even the waste product of beech wood is very usefull. The beech is a popular firewood, beside the good heat value the flavour is favoured as well!

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